Audacious Podcast #103 Exiting Cringeworthy Conversations with Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Have you ever thought “Wow, this person is asking me a lot of personal questions that are absolutely none of their bloody business?” 

Jennifer sure has! 

So what can you do about that besides pretending you don’t speak English or that you are receiving a very important phone call from someone very important?

So what is the Audacious Podcast you ask yourself, well the Audacious Podcast is all about Audacious Life and Living, and doesn’t that sound delicious? 

What DO you do when you experience people who ask you things that you consider none of their bloody business or want to gossip with you about people that you have no intention of gossiping about but you are kind of stuck and have no idea how to shut them up and no idea how to not answer or reply.. without bolting out of the room

Here are Jennifer's top three tips and tools that you can use to keep the nosy nellies or gossipy gabby’s out of your reality so you can get on with the business of enjoying and delighting in your life… impossible?  Let Jennifer show you?

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