5 Things that Parents need to KNOW before talking to their kids about Money

Episode #2 It’s not just YOU, It takes a community

In this 5 part series I am going to give you tips and tricks to empower you to talk to your kids about money… 

What is being audacious?  Its asking for more in every area of your life and not being afraid of having more than your fair share show up, just because you asked for it.

For those of you super parents who think it’s up to them to teach their kids about money and who are feeling the burden of creating responsible tax paying adults, breatheeeee breatheeee

Your kids are actually picking up financial information from everyone and everything around them....

Definitely  don’t have more fun with money and definitely don’t learn anything from your kids about their magic with money they haven’t lost yet.

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Audaciously YOURS, 

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

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