5 things you need to know before talking to your kids about money

Episode #3 Financial Magic is all Around Your Kids!

In this 5 part series I am going to give you tips and tricks to empower you to talk to your kids about money… what tips have you tried so far?

 What is being audacious?  Its asking for more in every area of your life and not being afraid of having more than your fair share show up, just because you asked for it!

What if Money could be magic?

As parents we tend to think that if we are not financially adept that our kids are going to have to work twice as hard as we did to get where we are financially.   Not doing well financially yourself? there is a future that’s possible for your kids that you may not have tapped into YET

See you tomorrow for "Money is NOT a Blue Job"

Audaciously YOURS,

Jennifer Cramer Lewis


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