Five things You Need to Know Before Talking to Your Kids about Money

This Episode is Called Money is Not A BLUE Job

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In this 5 part series I am going to give you tips and tricks to empower you to talk to your kids about money… what new financial magic have your kids shared with you?

This is the audacious podcast, what is being audacious?  Its asking for more in every area of your life and not being afraid of having more than your fair share show up, just because you asked for it. More Money, More Friends, More juicy fun in every area of your life

With the vast majority of people coaching and training about financial awareness and financial skills being men, you may have been trained that money is a blue job and definitely not a pink one.... join me for fun and empowering tips tricks and tools to delete the pink and blue from money :)

See you tomorrow for "Let it Gooooooo!"

Audaciously Yours,

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

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