Our Final tip from 5 Things You Need to Know Before Talking to Your Kids About Money

This Episode is Called Let it GO

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In this 5 part series I gave you tips and tricks to empower you to talk to your kids about money… what hilarious points of view did your kids have about who’s job money was and who knew more about money?

 This is the audacious podcast, what is being audacious?  Its asking for more in every area of your life and not being afraid of having more than your fair share show up, just because you asked for it. More Money, More Friends, More juicy fun in every area of your life

So what is letting it go about money going to create for your kids and teens?  Isn’t it all about controlling money and saving money and having a stash for an emergency?

More on Let It Go

Whether you are a saver or a spender there are so many empowering things that you can do to change your financial reality and also inspire your kids to step into their magic with money.

That was the last of our 5 part series on What you need to know before speaking to your kids about money.

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