Audacious Podcast 115 How to have a thriving business and a family at Christmas with Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Tip #4 Fortune


Welcome to 5 Things that business owners need to know about having fun and profit and a family at Christmas

 In this 5 part series, I am going to give you tips and tricks to empower you to create fun and profit in your business and with your family over the holidays!

 What is being audacious?  It's asking for more in every area of your life and not being afraid of having more than your fair share show up, just because you asked for it. More Money, More Friends, More juicy fun in every area of your life

Tip #4 Fortune

Those of you who have done any reading on business know that the fortune is in the follow up.   What if I told you that this works equally for business and family and friendships?

But it’s not “following the energy” you may be thinking.  What if following the energy was being aware that you will likely be talking about a lot of the same themes in your business from year to year as you tap into your clients top requirements of you as a business owner.. if that’s not following the energy I don’t know what is!

Join me tomorrow for  “Done is better than perfect”

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