Audacious Podcast #101 Separating from Wealthy People's Things with Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Have you ever thought wow, that’s way too much money to spend for “that thing”? Like, you know you have way too much money when you own one of “those things?”

So what is the Audacious Ask you ask yourself, well the Audacious Ask is all about Audacious Life and Living, and doesn’t that sound delicious? 

And so that’s what the Audacious Podcast is all about, it’s asking you to create more in your life and inviting you to that paradigm with tips, tricks, tools and weird questions to assist you to be more audacious in every area of your life!

So! What do YOU do when you notice yourself separating from opulence or “wealthy peoples things?”

Here are Jennifer's top three tips and tools that you can use to keep the financial floodgates open in your life and business and create more for you… even a  4 door Porche, if that would add to your life. 

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