Audacious Podcast 208 Jennifer Anne Cain joins us for Do you care about them more than they can handle?

Today on the Audacious Podcast we get to play with the Gorgeous Goddess Jennifer Anne Cain

Jennifer has so many talents it's hard to quantify. What I know is that she cares deeply about humanity and wants her clients to have everything they desire to be happy, healthy and manifest lives that they love living.  She's the non-judgemental protective and nurturing big sister you always wished you had.  Jennifer Anne Cain is also an Intuitive Mentor and Access Bars Practitioner. Jennifer aims to Inspire people using the mediums of writing, speaking, 1-1 therapeutic work and group events to engage people in new conversations and shift the energy around their dreams and desires.

Get to know Jennifer on her website at:

Ask her for her advice on anything that you'd like to change that is stuck or keeps looping back.  She's magic. 

Listen to Learn:

  1. How to know if you care about people more than they can handle
  2. How Jennifer Anne see's the future of what people could choose
  3. What questions to ask to know if something you are considering adding to your business is profitable for your body
  4. Have a taste of what Jennifer Cramer Lewis offers her clients

Who is Jennifer Cramer Lewis and why does she love connecting with magical people worldwide?  Get to know Jennifer more at or and definitely subscribe to the Audacious Podcast. 

Jennifer created the Audacious Ask System for you to get traction, gain confidence and always know what is ready willing and able to get created in your life at

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