Make Money Rain with Kathy Williams and Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Audacious Ask Show Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode of The Audacious Ask Show Season #2 

We get to play with Kathy Williams, 

Drawing on her depth of experience using the practical, effective tools Transformative Coaching, ancient wisdom practices of yogic breath practices, movement, Hawaiian shamanism and meditation, and mind-changing tools of NLP and energies from years of advanced consciousness training and practices, Kathy brings with her not only a wealth of knowledge but also her ebullient joy, kindness and uncanny ability to zero in on the most potent tool to apply to get the greatest result.

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We called this episode Make Money Rain

Listen to learn;

  • How to dialogue to Money
  • That by being grateful for electric lights money could gift more
  • How Kathy invites harmony and oneness with money
  • How you are choosing to think may be limiting financial flows
  • What to do when you notice that you are stressed about money

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